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Welcome to our site:

Thank you for coming here to see our brand new website, Red Lights For Firefighters™. We created this website to broaden our reach and to explore areas and content that is limited on the all of our social media pages. What you will find here will be a combination of many different avenues. We are going to try to bridge the gap between the first responders and the community and to have the community show a greater support and respect for the first responders everywhere. We will be posting live calls as always from Jefferson County, but we may also be covering other areas pending assistance.

We will bring you information on a wide variety of safety solutions and help in understanding those solutions as well. We hope to be the link between the first responders and the community, and the government. We want to bring even more attention to what the first responders all do. We want to bring you closer to the first responders. We want to take you into the first responder’s lives, not only what they do while on the job, but also what life is like outside of the job. We want to get the community to come out and support our first responders everywhere. Our posts will help assist the community to help them stay safe. We will also be posting things to help keep the first responders safe.

We will try to have every first responder event listed on our page, so you can know who is doing what and plan for these events. We will be having contests and programs for both the first responders and the community alike. There will be both children’s and adult coloring pages, dot to dot, crossword puzzles, search word puzzles, hidden pictures puzzles, regular puzzles and many other things as well. We will be having a library of various books on first responders, prep, and test information for the first responders as well. We will have our own photographs and videos of first responders, and the general public and other sources as well. You will be able to submit photographs and videos of incidents and events to us directly through our email. We plan to be a large employer in Watertown and the Jefferson County area with an estimated workforce above 250 just in the city of Watertown working directly in our offices not counting others. Once again, thank you for coming to our site and we welcome you to accompany us on our incredible adventure of showing the first responders how much they mean to us all and allowing our communities to have a better understanding of what they do and on how to keep themselves safe.

Red Lights For Firefighters is locally owned, operated, and created in America, using American workers.