About Us.

Welcome to Red Lights for Firefighters LLC.™. We originally started as a Facebook page in 2016 to show support for both paid and volunteer firefighters around the world. We support all first responders from firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians/EMT’s, Fire Police, Auxiliaries, Scene Support, Fire Chiefs, dispatchers, fire investigators, fire prevention, fire education, instructors and anyone involved in these services. Our founder was herself a member of the Calcium NY auxiliary squad. We have members among our team who have family and friends who are or have been in the fire services. We have seen how the fire departments have been treated across the country and the world by all the government heads and we wanted to show the first responders that we support them. We also know that 95% or greater of the people have a great respect for firefighters and first responders and we wanted to have a place for them to show their support.

We will bring you information on a wide variety of safety solutions and help in understanding those solutions as well. We hope to be the link between the first responders and the community, and the government. We want to bring even more attention to what the first responders all do. We want to bring you closer to the first responders. We want to get the community to come out and support our first responders everywhere.

With the launch of this website, we now have an even larger platform for the community and the first responders to come together as one. We will be bringing you more news and information on calls for the local units all the way across the state of NY, across the US and the world itself. We will bring you information that you need to help keep yourself and your family safe. We will have teams covering more calls, teams writing articles, and teams that will be interviewing people as well. Our articles will cover the heart and soul of the first responders and the affect the calls have on their lives and the lives of their families and friends. Ultimately, our goal is to raise the awareness of first responders across the world, what they do, and why first responders are so very vital to each and every community they serve, not only locally and nationwide, but also around the world. We also fully intend to raise support for our first responders from the surrounding communities and governments, and to make sure our first responders know how very much they are appreciated and supported. Thank you all for your continued support of our first responders and our page. Enjoy our website!

Red Lights For Firefighters LLC. is locally owned, operated, and created in America, using American workers.