Jefferson County Ambulance Squads and Covid-19

We wanted to reach out of all Jefferson County Ambulance Squads to see what changes they are doing. How their department has been affected, and any advice they have during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

We appreciate each and every department that has taken the time to contact us back.

Below is what we have received for answer to our questions and which department responded.

This is from: Leah Murphy Director of Operations Evans Mills Volunteer Ambulance Squad Inc

What changes and precautions has your company implemented regarding the Covid-19 pandemic?

* All staff received annual fit testing early
*Increased training of donning and doffing of PPE
* Limiting the number of staff on the ambulances
* All staff temperature/symptom checks every shift
* Complete decontamination of ambulances every shift and after every call. Ambulances were twice monthly and after every call
* Complete station cleaning of high touch areas every shift. Station was as needed
* Encourage staff to bag uniforms at station, wear street clothes home, shower immediately after getting home/before coming in contact with family. See attached jpg

What are the protocols if any members of Evans Mills Volunteer Ambulance Squad, INC. contracts the virus?

* NYS DOH EMS has a policy statement 20-04, we would work closely with Public Health and follow CDC guidance to make sure our member and their family is well taken care of while still able to provide for our communities.

What is the morale of Evans Mills Volunteer Ambulance Squad, INC. regarding this virus? I imagine it scares everyone, because it’s a new virus and there are many unknowns.

* As with anything that is unknown, we have a mixed bag of emotions. EMVAS is full of dedicated providers that love our community and our jobs as First Responders. We come to work like a normal day, look for the updates, and wait for the calls. We try to keep things upbeat and keep each other in high spirits. Like most of the world at this point we would like to see everyone well and healthy again.

Can you share with us all, what will Evans Mills Volunteer Ambulance Squad, INC. do or can do if there is a worst-case scenario?

* What is the worst-case scenario? No one really knows right? We will do what we have always done. We will get the ambulance out the doors with the staff that we can provide 24/7/365 and do our best to make our community proud of us.

If there is anything I missed, any suggestions to the city residents or people on our page that you would like to say, your more than welcome to.

* If you know of any elderly folks in our area that needs assistance with shopping please give them our station # 315-629-6081. If we are not busy with emergency responses, we will come get their list and money or help them order for pick-up. They are our vulnerable population and should stay home
* Stay home if you can, go out at a minimum. This means only one person goes, not the whole family
* Wash your hands or sanitize often
* Most of all don't be alarmed if we show up wearing masks, some of us have vulnerable people at home and it has been recommended that some of us wear them on all responses until you have been "cleared"


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