Any fire departments who provide pool fill ups, please email us here at
or inbox us on Facebook and let us know and we will keep a running list of those who do. Thanks in advance.
Below is a list of places that do or may and information given to us on our Facebook page

Does Fill Pools

 Copenhagen Fire Department fills pools. 100 a load 3500 gal

 Defereit Fire Department  I’m with Defereit fire department. We fill pools. $65 a load. Have them give me a call and we can figure it out for them. 315-767-0828

 Gouverneur Fire Department does

 Great Bend Fire Department does

 Harrisville Fire Department does do pool fills

 Oxbow Fire Department does fills

Rodman Fire Department does $50 per 1000 Gallons is what DanielBooneFireWoodAndWaterDeliver charges

M and T trucking definitely does.

Some do, but you'll probably be getting river water and all the crap that comes with it. Some Milk truck drivers will delivery clean water, obviously much more expensive but you don't need as many chemicals then! I know someone if anyone is interested just pm me

I believe great bend does for a few and possibly Defereit

I heard Philly does. Don't know for sure.

There are some that may still fill. I know Philly use to and Glen Park, Pamelia. Just call the chief and ask. They will tell u yay or nay

Does Not Fill

Black River DOES NOT

Evans Mills does not

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